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Process and tool support

CAI® World offers you much more than a typical online video conference. Of course, the CAI® World Platform also enables the transmission of voice and video as a basic function. But much more important to us is the question of how we can support you, so that you can work productively and achieve lasting results.

This is exactly where our formats start.

The formats of the CAI® World offer content support for various occasions of online meetings. Not every online meeting is the same - and therefore there are different formats to choose from.

CAI® World offers these formats:


The format can also be changed during an ongoing meeting. So if the discussion develops in an unexpected direction - no problem. Simply switch from a general meeting to coaching. This format change can be performed visibly for the other session participants, but may be done unobserved.

The tools: productive and creative

We have tailor-made tools for every format. Of course, there are also general-purpose tools such as whiteboards. You may already know similar digital whiteboards from other platforms. Ultimately, whiteboards have one big advantage: you can do almost anything with them. That's why whiteboards are also a good basis in most of our formats.

From our point of view, however, there is a second, more decisive type of tool:

Tools precisely tailored to the format, which have a specific function and can therefore support much more effectively. They are the true productivity booster.

With these tools you will receive offers for varied working sessions. You need to prepare much less. And: you have access to a wealth of experience with proven and helpful tools.

Since the tools differ depending on the format, you will also find an overview of the tools contained in each format in the detailed descriptions of the formats.

What for?

Special formats and tools offer you support that goes far beyond bringing participants together in an online space using IT technology. We are convinced that clearly defined processes can help to increase the quality of online meetings - simply by improving the reproducibility of the results. Finally, the interaction with general and specialized tools offers a great lever for higher productivity and creativity.


Your quality and productivity booster for online meetings